He is true gem for Excel VBA community and deserves MVP from Microsoft

Kanahaiya Kumar

Sep, 2019 Bangalore, India

ANmar is enthusiastic to help others and find solutions to problems. Not only has he helped hundreds of clients with their individual needs,

Kelly Clark

Mar, 2019 Chicago, Illinois

I called ANmar and asked him if this is doable? He replied : “Don’t ask me if it’s doable, Ask me how long it will take to have it ready?”.

Ali Alani

Jan, 2019 Chicago, Illinois

ANmar is fun to work with and has been an absolute magician with some very complex Excel work he's done for me.

Tim Seaberg

Jun, 2018 Dallas, Texas

He has an infectious drive to succeed, striving for practical solutions to often difficult problems

Timothy Santon

Jan, 2018 Chicago, Illinois

Thank you so much for helping me with Excel last week at the CRC. I really appreciated your help with my technology questions.

Jennifer Kern

Oct, 2016 Chicago, Illinois

I truly enjoyed talking with you and learning from you. You have inspired me to immerse myself in the wonders of Excel.

Michele Ann Olsen

Sep, 2016 Chicago, Illinois

In regards to the qualities that he demonstrated in our time working together. I was impressed with the way that Anmar quickly understood the project requirements

Eliud Saldívar

Sep, 2015 Jackson, Michigan

It works perfect. Before this tool I used other 2 tools and also few websites to search on entire craigslist but the results were very very bad.


Jul, 2015 Online, USA

He works with the customer endlessly to ensure all deadlines are met and satisfaction is present in every which way.

Faisal Khan

Dec, 2014 Austin, Texas

Anmar is an excellent resource, very knowledgeable in the Excel VBA technology area. It was pleasure working with Anmar and highly recommend as great asset in any project.

Nagu Bandi

Sep, 2014 Chicago, Illinois

He integrated into the team seamlessly and has been a huge asset. Working consistently remotely

Mike Ballentine

Jun, 2014 Detroit, Michigan

Whilst working in EA he produced some pretty complex reports that delivered value. I found him to be very conscientious in his work

Judy Duncan

Mar, 2014 London, UK

Used ANmar and will again. His skill with Excel is unmatched.

Craig Krause

Mar, 2014 Online, USA

In programming he never said (not possible). that helped to easy rely on him when I have any software development requirement. he is professional, trusted, fast & reliable.


Feb, 2013 Dubai, UAE

He remains the person with the most dedication to a career I have ever seen. I believe he has a genuine, undying passion to his work


Sep, 2012 Chicago, Illinois

I have worked with Anmar on a few computer projects that have paid off handsomely. he is an expert in the computer technology field.

Tyler Durden

May, 2012 Detroit, Michigan

ANmar is an earnest problem solver -- motivated by challenge, is a patient teacher and is generous with his time.

Kristin Elliott

Apr, 2012 Austin, Texas

He is a pleasure to work with. From my perspective, there is nothing he cannot get Xcel to do. I learned a lot from him while working together on projects.

Brigitte Benquet

Dec, 2011 Austin, Texas

He is accomplished with extensive experience in analysis, design, development and implementation of software applications using Microsoft platform.

Saqib Amin

Jan, 2011 Online, Pakistan

He came to my office, asked good questions, listen well, and got a full understanding of the project. The project was finished on time, calculated even more than I originally intended.

Johan Dahl

Oct, 2010 Austin, Texas

He was professional, cooperative and gave me a lot of ideas to develop my website he was not a programmer only but good advisor too


Oct, 2010 Baghdad, Iraq

His personal background demonstrates his ability to manage risk and take the long view in his business and personal relationships.

Steven Haskett

Jul, 2010 Austin, Texas

ANmar’s work ethics are not short of phenomenal, his readiness to go ‘that extra mile’ makes working with him both easy and a joy.

Ruchika Aggarwal

Apr, 2010 Austin, Texas

He has frequently impressed me with his creativity, technical vigor and the management of the projects he has taken on.

Chance Coble

Feb, 2010 Austin, Texas

The spreadsheets he generated increased productivity, lowered costs, and were always delivered on time.


Jan, 2010 Online, Arizona

Your ability to create databases, macros and spreadsheets that dramatically improve the ability to deliver to the client and reduce the number of iterations plus the time on our end while improving accuracy is awesome.

Constance Mullen

Jan, 2010 Austin, Texas

The work was flawless! Everything worked exactly like I wanted it to.


Nov, 2009 Online, Arizona

We are sincerely thankful and highly appreciate the excellent work done by ANmar in building this online portal.

Akshay Aggarwal

Oct, 2009 Austin, Texas

His business acumen combined with his technical expertise, make him one of the best bosses that I have had recently.

Faisal K.

May, 2009 Austin, Texas

That class I attended was so good and useful for me because I like that field and because you made me love it more, besides you’re teaching in a really good way


Jan, 2002 Baghdad, Iraq

But my advice for you is to try to expand and develop your skills more.

Zaid Wattar

Nov, 2001 Baghdad, Iraq

I want to say that your good treatment made me willing to work with you on a new project.


Jun, 2001 Baghdad, Iraq

Some students do not know your strategy that is to know more about their ability, so please try to change this strategy, and that is the first weak point.


Apr, 2001 Baghdad, Iraq

I wondered who would understand me!. And Anmar was able to understand me and interpret my ideas into programming characters that the computer could understand and that was very important.


Jan, 2001 Baghdad, Iraq

It is a deep and fundamental class, although I faced some difficulties in the beginning because you start teaching the complex stuff


Jul, 2000 Baghdad, Iraq

There is only one thing I did not like about the class which (I discussed with you before) is not using the hand-out


May, 2000 Baghdad, Iraq

I would like to thank you for your good treatment and conduct, I really feel as if I know you for a long time.


May, 2000 Baghdad, Iraq

But I have a minor remark: Why do you speak so fast? You are killing me!

Ahmed Aljewarane

Feb, 2000 Baghdad, Iraq

But sometimes you tend to be moody and you get really excited and nervous when you work on that device, and I advise you not to do so.

Farah Hisham Ahmed

Feb, 2000 Baghdad, Iraq

Thus I would always participate in any computer class you prepare.


Jan, 2000 Baghdad, Iraq

Hope you will be able to give new and beautiful things that could be useful for people, I think you are very creative in that field.

Maysaa Albaghdadi

Jan, 2000 Baghdad, Iraq