ANmar Amdeen Senior Data Application Consultant

HRC Advisory
Northbrook, Illinois
Oct 2017 to Sep 2018
Permanent position with 50% remote, below is list of projects:
  • Across Projects
    • Create Alteryx workflows (.yxmd) to convert, clean, manipulate and analyze datasets.
    • Work on Alteryx workflows that can be easily adjusted to be used multiple times across projects.
    • Automate process of reading and writing data to SQL databases using Excel-VBA (aka VB6 aka Macros).
    • Suggesting and exploring new ideas, like creating internal web-portal to share tools across teams in organization.
    • Design several SQL databases and provide guidance on several practices in programming tools and automating.
  • DataANA
    • Excel-VBA tool (aka VB6 aka Macros) to automate and manage data moving and copying from custom location into another.
    • Source and destination can be anything, SQL DB, Access DB, Excel Sheet, CSV file, yxdb, etc.
  • RBM
    • Adding new features, enhancing and fixing bugs in RBM inventory tool, built with Excel-VBA (aka VB6 aka Macros) and inherited from previous developer to manage and create daily inventory report.
    • Led the process of transition users into new faster version to assure smooth transition without interupting production.

VBA, Alteryx, SQL, Access

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