ANmar Amdeen Senior Excel-VBA Developer

William Rutherford & Associates
Dallas, Texas (Remote)
Nov 2015 to Present
Part-time remote position during off-office and weekends hours. Below is list of projects:
  • SSVGC Tool (WeeSS)
    • Creating tool using Excel-VBA (aka VB6 or Macros) to load data from source, create needed functions to calculate results, then create final PDF having all charts and diagrams needed to analyze performance of a company among peers.
    • This was supposed to be two-months project that turned into long-term relationship to enhance and re-create the whole set of daily and weekly smart-auto-reports feeding in and reading out of the SSVGC report.
  • Standard CI
    • Enhancing Standard CI tool using Excel-VBA (aka VB6 or Macros) to fit user needs.
    • Tool was inherited from previous developer, but needed a lot of enhances and adjustment to include new Industry groups and custom-made groups.
    • Adding features like Progressbar and smart forms to enhance user experience.
    • The tool is customized in a way that the user can select any company, and assign peers, then select the period to be analyzed by, then click to generate the final PDF and/or Excel outputs.

VBA, Excel functions, Excel PivotTables, Excel PivotCharts, VB6, Macros, VBScript

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