ANmar Amdeen Technical Translator

Ideal Innovations Inc
Austin, TX
Jan 2006 to Jan 2012
Baghdad, Iraq Jan 2006 to Sep 2007, Then Austin, TX onsite Oct 2007 to May 2011, then remote May 2011 to Jan 2012.
  • Developing translation software application in VB.NET and MS-SQL that is aimed to translate foreign names efficiently and instantly.
  • Developing dual language interface (Arabic/English) tool using Excel-VBA to facilitate offline data entry from users into SQL database saving the project from delays in data entry due to logistics shortage.
  • Create, manage and translate technical documentations for IPDMS (Iraqi Police Dept Management System) used across the nation.
  • Create translation rules and maintain a database of Arabic names in both English and Arabic languages.
  • Maintained Arabic/English language interfaces for several applications.
  • Provide timely technical translations for web-based application and courses.
  • Provide Arabic translations and grammar corrections.
  • Record Arabic Audio materials for several types of course.
  • Position continued as moved to Austin, TX Sep 2007.
  • Position continued as remote Jan 2011 to Jan 2012.

Arabic, SQL, VB.NET, VBA

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