ANmar Amdeen Lead VBA Excel Developer

Chicago, IL
May 2012 to Aug 2014
Full-time contract. Focusing on one project. Continued as Remote Feb 2014 to Aug 2014.:
  • TPSS
    • Leading team of 3 developers to finish and deliver TPSS (Transfer Pricing Sharing System) using Excel-VBA as User interface, JACL as back-end server programming and Oracle database.
    • System uses Oracle IOP (Integrated Operational Planning) sandbox technology.
    • Design and add enhances to system in “Upload” functionality, reducing the size of file (and bandwidth) by 45%. Added to more 40+ reports, average performance gained 83%. This actually fixed issue of causing server to stop responding.
    • Finding and applying solutions, like:
      • Reducing the number of queries used by Excel to read Tables, Views or RowSources from Oracle DB connection.
      • Smart-Drop-Downs, allowing users to select from huge list of products by searching, not only scrolling, something similar to drop-down for AutoFilter in Excel.
      • Progress bar, to show user the current status of a long process, instead of Excel window freezing.
      • Tree structure views, allowing users to browse through available reports with ease.
      • Adding own re-sizable forms, to all reports.
      • Pagination, to enhancing the user experience, a solution to overcome the limitations of 65k rows in Excel2003, which was implemented by modifying original query on the fly to produced pages in memory, then show to user based on the page requested.
    • Enhance Oracle SQL queries and Views to reduce time used by reports while reading data or applying changes.

Excel, VBA, JACL, Oracle, Java

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