ANmar Amdeen Quality Tools Developer

Here (Navteq)
Chicago, IL
Feb 2014 to Sep 2017
Full-time position, converted into permanent from contract after 1st year. Below is list of projects created, managed and maintained:
  • TeeGen
    • Excel-VBA tool to generate Tallysheets for certain city or area, tool was able to deliver savings of 82% during first few weeks of run.
    • Connectivity to SQL DB (in-house managed Server) to upload city data, rules and meta data.
    • Presenting Rules technique to tell the tool what to do in case certain set of conditions has been met, those Rules can be fully customized by Admin, while user can only generate Tallysheets using those rules
    • Added ability to reads dbf files directly, no need anymore for users to convert dbf into xls
    • Added ability to create tallysheets with auto settings, to let users decide when to generate and submit tallysheet into DB
  • TeeMan
    • Rich huge Excel-VBA tool to control modifications in Tallysheets by users around the globe.
    • TeeMan is a Tallysheet manager tool to accept entry using “Rules” technique which accepts certain input if certain rules are met, and accept others if not. Rules can be modified by Admin users.
    • Presenting the “Tree-Structure” tool that can run in all versions of Excel with no need to any outside libraries.
    • Added features of connecting to SQL DB to download test (uploaded by TeeGen) and upload test.
    • Audit users have ability be performed audit on tests (another level of users), validations and correcting users if something went wrong.
    • Tool proved to save team 80 man-hours a day using the new UI and Rules technique.
    • Added touch-screen-friendly controls to be used during collecting data using tablets.
    • The new UI was suggested & designed by me to convert from a spreadsheet into a touch-screen-friendly UI with features like auto populate, auto predict, multiple edit, batch mode, etc.
  • 2016Project
    • Created Web-based internal server that was used across users to allow sharing data with higher management and used in several projects (including TeeMan, TeeGen, etc.) and connecting to MS SQL DB.
    • Create, design and Manage MS-SQL DB and connect it to several tools in to move all data used for Quality testing into online DB. Part of efforts for Project2016, to move all data into one centralized database.
    • Managing, designing and executing the process of converting ongoing collection data from spreadsheet structure into SQL DB. Process includes Change-management control to insure smooth movement into new field types.
    • Lead efforts of updating all tools used by users to implement DB capability & connection without interrupting collection process using Change Management standards.
  • Masdar
    • An Excel-VBA Text-Matching tool to compare between two strings and returns matching percentage.
    • Used to compare sources and evaluate the source coverage and staleness factors.
    • Tool built within 10 days saved the team of buying 3rd party software of $120k.
    • What started as small suggestion tool developed into a very large tool to create complete Comparison-Projects.
    • Tool now works with special-structured-spreadsheets to load, modify, run & save MasdarProject xlsx files.
  • Retest tools
    • A set of Excel-VBA tools to calculate Refresh rate, coverage, decay rate and other factors, between two years for certain tests, with customization.
    • Used by Audit and Admin users to extract map quality index.
  • TTR tools
    • A set of two Excel-VBA tools, automatic and ad-hoc tools.
    • The automatic tool, ReeTime runs daily on 24/7 server (in-house setup server) to collect data from XML/json/Atom APIs online.
    • While the ad-hoc, Time2Ree can run based on user requests with customization to analyze daily data written by ReeTime to compare and detect changes and addition data. Saving the team $144k on 1st year run only.
  • TeeChan
    • Excel-VBA tool to compare between two data-sets from several sources, and create a list of differences allowing users to follow up later.
    • Tool took few hours to develop, so successful that users used it on daily basis.
  • TeeRCA
    • Tool to prepare Root-Cause-Analysis report to be generated & ran by location analysts (Excel-VBA).
  • ConvAN
    • Convert DBF files with UTF-8 encoding into CSVs, to complete the cycle of enhancing current structure, (OpenOffice Calc macro).

VBA, Excel, SQL, ASP Classic, JQuery, AJAX, Bootstrap, HTML, LibreOffice VBA, SQL Server, R

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