DCave is coming soon

That is it....
DCave is coming soon, I spent a lot of my recent time working on VBAXLMan.com, now after I have bought DCave, I will move to it.
Why DCave? that is another story, read the full article to know.....!!

It is basically a "Digital Cave", the Cave that every programmer / developer or computer user goes to it to do his own stuff with computer.
So you will be able to host all your:
Free Files: For free, to public to download and use, 100% free
Products: For sell, to allow public to download your trial files, then if they want to continue, they can come back and buy it.
Projects: For view, to show your different projects, your work abilities, your portfolio.
Lessons: To teach how you did what, tricks, and any other stuff.
Links: Any URL link you want to share
Questions and Answers: to host your questions and/or your answers, again to show public what you can do.
After you have some stuff, you will have your "DCave portfolio" online having all your work, you can control what to show in your portfolio in addition to control what of your Files, Products, Projects. Links. Lessons, Qs and As" are available to public and what are not.
In Addition to that, people can contact you through your Skype ID, or see your LinkedIn Profile from your DCave profile.

Why DCave?
Starting from 1997, I started my computer life from zero.
Zero means I knew nothing about computers, just a few days spent on the old old computer
See my First computer here
So I start spending a lot of times on computer (around 16 hours a day) learning, exploring, by that time, Internet for public was not available. so I put my focus on Windows and Applications.
Then after I started my own company office in Baghdad 2000, so my learning hours went down due to obligation and work in office, and for sure that when your hobby turns into your career.
Not a long time after that, I realized I got to get back to my first love "Computer" and start learning again.

So between now and then I take my computer home (desktop since I could not afford a laptop) and spend days when no one can contact me.
Everybody around me was saying that I am in my "Cave".

Now, after 13 years, I decided to bring life to my first passion, Computer learning and teaching.

So here where DCave came in, learn and teach computer in the same time.
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