Services details-2

If it worth it:

I know that you have a budget to work within, so I will work with your budget, so we will go through your requirements and resources, and make sure first that the project will worth the estimated time/cost, or not.

I will give you at least two options:

- One: Is the fast way that will do on low budget and deliver results fast, but no automation.
- Two: Is automating that process so you don't need to get to us every time.
Again depends on your budget

What is usually happen is:

  • Step1: We sit together, study the case, Make sure of the following:
    1. This can be done using the approach we selected, (Microsoft Excel, VB, .NET, or any other platform that I can work within).
    2. The selected platform is the best approach
    3. If that is not in our field, can we help on outsourcing it?
    4. Assign projected time-line, hours required and costs.

  • Step2: Starting the work. After you give me the green light and sign some papers I will start the work.

  • Step3: Sending samples. Based on our timeline, I will send some samples, we need to get in touch at least three times by then.

  • Step4: We might need to tweak it together or online (using Skype), several times maybe.

  • Step5: Finalize it and deliver the final product.

  • Step6: Payment after costumer is satisfied.

During that process I recommend contacting if I have any questions, I prefer Skype as contacting method (Contact me now). It has a lot of features and reliable. Besides, it is free.