Another planet life?

NASA says that one of the 86 moons of "Saturn" has similar conditions as earth, may be not water, but some gases that might replaces water as a life source.
We have some "Islamic" guys that would say that Quran says that water is the only source of life.

Actually what Quran says is "We have made every life of water" but does that mean that water is the only source of life?
I doubt.<
Quran says what means that :
"Allah has created land and skies and put in them a lot of walking creators"
The word "Daabba" was translated with "Walking Creators", and that is what the closest match, since "Daabba" is the word that describes any type of walking creators, including Human, Horses, Cows, ants, Lions, etc.
So Quran does say that there are life in earth as well as in skies (or heaven if you want to call it)
The Skies in Quran are the word that describes anything away from earth, and they are skies because there are 7 skies