Hacking attempts on File1.net

They have been trying that for a while but after some attempts they could access the database.
File1.net my first website faced a hacking attempt.
I liked that, that proves that the website is grabbing some visitors now, and it is becoming more and more popular.

I put a lot of time and efforts learning ASP and MySQL by building it, and that is why I did it in somehow poor programming.
But even with this poor programming, they could just access the database, no more
They could add two records to my database that only registered users can.
For a while I could see some errors in the website that I don't have much time to fix, now once I got some time, and when a visitor contacted me asking about a project, I spent some time to solve the issue and find the hacking attempt
I wouldn't find the hacking attempt even I do visit the website everyday, if I this visitor haven't contacted me.
Anyway, everything is fine now,
File1 webdesign programming