My Family interviews

We just started a family interview, it is when we ask everybody what does he/she think about another member of the family.
The beautiful part is that each one sees the others with what he thinks they are
What does X think of Y?
X - Y: item1, item2, etc
Afnan - Afnan: hyper, weird, doesn't fancy computers.
Shukran - Afnan: book addicted, over reacts, sometimes nice, giving.
Amina - Afnan: Fast temper, want to rule the world, very dedicated.
Hawraa - Afnan: Crazy, angry, cannot control herself, helpful, love to learn, giving.

Shukran - Shukran: ... Multi-tasking ...
Amina - Shukran: she want to be the best in everything, very very determined, talented, caring, stylish, doesn't know when to stop joking.
Afnan - Shukran: uses me as a mannequin, she wants to be really fast, uses mirror all the time.
Hawraa - Shukran: hard worker, ambitious, self confidence, hyper, naughty, outdoor person.
Amina - Amina: clumsy=turned off, too emotional, I don't know
Afnan - Amina: Ignores a lot, too nice, forgives too much, clumsy
Shukran - Amina: sweet, forgiving, forgetful, Ignores people, clumsy, over react, pretty.
Hawraa - Amina: sacrifice, sensitive, honest, not selfish, doesn't listen, lazy
Amina - Dad: love computers, funny, patient, calm, hard-worker, indoor person, smart.
Shukran - Dad: forgiving, smart, calm, helpful.
Afnan - Dad: Computer master, giving,
Hawraa - Dad: caring, kind, generous, bossy, lazy, computerlish
Hawraa - Hawraa: selfish, mood changes quickly, influence, challenger, not bossy, smiley.
Amina - Mom: Very nice, determined, helpful, traditional, stands for believes.
Shukran - Mom: very nice, forgiver, determined, smiley.
Afnan - Mom: Agrees a lot, very nice, fast clothes changer.
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