Afnan's birthday and Takleef

We decided to do Afnan' birthday today June 22nd since we had two doctor's appointments yesterday, she was born in June 21st 2001 in Iraq. Now since this is her 9th birthday, we will need to do the Takleef party too.

Afnan is now 9 years old, that means in our culture and religion (Arabic and Islam) that is now she is turning from a child into a young lady. It is now when she need to decide weather she will or will not wear the Islamic Hijab.
Islamic Hijab is the cover that she will wear all her life to preserve the diamond. Islam sees the woman as diamond that need to be kept in safe and away from others.
She doesn't need to wear that all the time, she only needs to wear that when there might be a foreign man that can see her.
Foreign men means any boy older than 14 years old and not her father, brother, uncle, grandfather, husband, son and grandson
What she need to cover is her hair, her arms, and anything above the knees.<
So let us all encourage her and help her to do her decision and wish her all the luck in her Hijab.
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