Need some rest

After some busy days and good/bad time management, I need some rest, It was a busy week, with lots of new projects (at least now I have 4 need to deliver next week).
I kind of like it, this projects traffic, but it looks like I do have some limit.
Projects now on hand:

- Sifina, Excel update to an old version made on Sept 2008
- AmazonISBN Reader, update to make an online ASP version of the Excel one we made last year.
-, ASP code and some requests to dig inside code again and have some changes/additions.
- ACuSys, Excel project we just finished phase 1 early June, we need to start documenting.
- GreenMac, New project in Excel-VBA
- And I need to finalize some computer, to deliver to my parents house as their new TV station.

Let me see if these will be done by next week.
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