My wife is a car driver

I need to write these down before I forget it.
My wife is now a good car driver, and has her own car.
She start learning how to drive early Jan 2010
In Late Jan 2010, I bought another car (Highlander Hybrid 2006) and sold my NISSAN XTERRA 2001 to my brother with easy payments.

So, after easy and small steps, she was able to drive in the area.
We did apply for driving permit on Jan 2010
In March we bought her a car (1994 Camry) with $2,800
And she got her driver's license on March
I consider this as very quickly, considering she didn't got any driver's license in her life, and she was kind of person that fear the streets and would not drive easily while other cars are passing by.
And I told her that, she is a strong person, with strong will, to go through that in that timeline.
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