ANmar Amdeen Excel-VBA Report Developer

Compensation And Organization Solutions
Austin, TX
Sep 2009 to Nov 2011
Austin, TX onsite, part time, on-need bases
  • Designing, and developing several Excel-VBA based systems (like GMT Matrix, ACuSys, and AMIASys) to automate Sales Bonus, Commissions and Compensations calculations and generate user-friendly reports and charts helping in making executive decisions and salary/bonus changes, plus all user manuals and documentations.
  • Building Salary, Bonus and Compensations intelligent Excel-VBA based spreadsheets to automate the process of import, process, analyze huge amount of survey vs. company data and generate comparison reports using custom Excel macros and formulas, saving weeks of manual work into few hours with 99.99% accuracy result.
  • Create step-by-step instructional videos and documentations.
  • Part-time position based on availability and requests needed.

Excel, VBA

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